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Aktive Projekte

Here are some projects I am working on. Mostly they are available as open GIT repository.

As I finally got my pilot license last year, it was just a matter of time until I get active with software for pilots. Unfortunately I did not find a usable tool for managing the flight log. So I invented one myself. Now the tool is in a state to publish it. However, it is far from finishing. The tool is written in perl and opened a window to manage the data. There you can input new data with ctrl-n. The data is saved to a sqlite database in the current directory.
Some time ago I started to contribute a bit to geeqie, one of the best tools for viewing and sorting pictures.
GAnt is a project that was initial implemented by Jordan Miller. Unfortunately it was not really working the way it should be so I decided to hijack the project and wrote several stuff from scratch. Now the tool should be good enough to read data from Garmin ANT capable GPS training devices and save it to disk.
This is the image viewer of John Bradley. It was available as shareware long time ago and is available as source. I took over the debian package when it was falling out of the distribution and did carry on taking care of it. No I integrated many patches from the author and other contributors. I also fixed several thinks by my own. Unfortunately the author is not reachable any more so it is not possible to talk with him about the license model.

Perl scripts

I made some of my scripts public who I wrote mostely to manage my servers and workstations. Some of the scripts are only reference implementations and not made for real use!

All scripts have the license and copyright in the source. It can also be readed by <tool> --man.

A tool to block scriptkiddies by a iptables rule if they scan the server for ssh accounts.
Cfsfs is a fuse implementation of cfs. The script has some restrictions at the moment. One is that only blowfish algorithm is supported right now. The other is that some system calls are not implemented like symlink and some other. All together the tool is already usable.
This tool will restart processes holding deleted files open. This tool is highly experimental and would surely never be a working tool in this form. However, I use some nice techniques which can be used in further tools. Further informations are find in the man page.

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